Sunday, July 26, 2015

Episode 59: The Mary with the Cherry, Part 2

This episode covers the second half of chapter 32 of Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions by TW Doane, as well as the first half of chapter 33.  Chapter 32 talks about the various Mary-like figures in other religions, while chapter 33 covers Christian symbols, such as the cross, which can be found in religions that pre-date Christianity.

Images referenced in the two chapters.
The black Madonna of Loreto

Photos of the statue, the illustration is based on.

Close up of the head of the black Madonna

The one that looks like Michael Jackson

The Buddhist swastika

The Buddhist cross

The ankh

The guy with a spear and cross

The heart with a cross coming out of it

Two dudes carrying a cross

The pre-Christian tomb with a cross on it

Wiki entry on Sozomen

Wiki entry on Socrates of Constantinople

Phallic looking Etruscan tombs

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Episode 56: The Monkey God Hangs It UP

The Zachriledge Podcast, which I had the pleasure of being a guest on last week.

Rick Wiles is so butthurt of the SCOTUS ruling in the gay marriage case that he's claiming he'll leave the country.

Ken Ham shows his ark construction site to the press.

Ken Ham's "friend" is upset that John Wilkes Booth took so long to kill Lincoln.

The Ham Bone's Connected to the Klan Bone

Glenn Beck to boycott Darwin movie.

The 'Space Patrol' episode I mentioned.

India's "Monkey God" has his tail removed, decides he'd rather walk than be a god.

ET, where are you?

The Runes of Evolution by Simon Conway Morris

New Horizons spots unusual features on Pluto.

New Horizons unlikely to BSoD again

Felon's caught with 3D printed AR-15 components in Oregon.

48 million year old 'Jesus lizard' fossil found.

African-American woman calls the Confederate flag a symbol of "freedom."

KY county clerk sued for not handing out marriage licenses.

Decatur county clerks quit so they don't have to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

TX counties refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

More on county clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses.

Bobby Jindal vows to block gays from marrying in his state.

Nebraska county clerk refuses to give gay couples marriage licenses.

Rand Paul meets with nutbag Cliven Bundy

Mozambique decriminalizes homosexuality.

The Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast which I'll be guesting on in a couple of weeks.