Sunday, July 19, 2020

Episode 301: On the Verge of Civil War

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Protect yourself from government spying.

First indication I saw that something was amiss

Oregon Public Radio story 

OPB piece on unmarked vehicles being used by Federal agents to grab people off the street. 

Statement from the Acting Director of DHS saying they were going after people in Portland.

Good Twitter thread, with links, on what's going on in Portland and why that city was chosen by Trump to do this.   It's 13 tweets, so not too long.

Interview with Navy vet attacked in above video. 

Border Patrol responsible for arrests.

Oregon AG files lawsuit against DHS over actions.

DHS plans to expand their operations.

Protestor describes their illegal arrest.

NYT article on the arrests.

ICE training civilians on how to identify and arrest "illegal" immigrants.