Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Episode 296: Stabbed in the Brain

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Inexpensive mic suitable for podcasting.

Hambone announces a new planetarium.

Indian faith-healer dies from coronavirus.

Ancient homin fossil shows earliest example of bipedalism.

Finding ancient Roman buildings and roads in Wales.

14,000-year-old human figure found in Israel.

Roman city revealed thanks to ground-penetrating radar.

Ancient Israelites liked the weed.

Low-end estimates for how many alien civilizations are out there.

A new repeating Fast Radio Burst has been discovered.

3D printing inside the body.

3D printed microscope.

GrabCAD has 7 million users.

Coronavirus mutation.

Ancient crocodile walked like an ostrich.

Burner phone for protests.

Ford to enable suspect killing feature on police vehicles.

Mining company doesn't really care that they destroyed priceless historical artifacts.

Zuckerberg supports Trump.

Lawmakers push to have Dolly Parton statue replace that of Klansman.

WV residents want Mothman to replace Confederate statues.

Disneyland of the Gods by John A. Keel.

The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel.