Friday, April 8, 2022

Episode 364: The Wish Version of David AR White

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Free digital safety kit.

Car Fund

The Writing of the Gods.

Pope Frankie apologizes for part of the genocide the Catholic Church has done.

Spain launches an inquiry into abuse by the Church.

Orwell on Shooting an Elephant.

Orwell in Spain.

Why the legend of Orson Welles' version of The War of the Worlds is different than what you've been told.

Greg Locke is at it again.

Oldest solar observatory in the US discovered.

Ancient statue discovered in India.

Roman beer!

New form of ice discovered.

Poop-powered rockets.

3D printed glasses frames. 

CIA used a man as a training subject in a torture program.

GOP upset by Cawthorn's discussion about sex parties.

Ginnin Thomas is nucking futs.

Matt Gaetz is in deep doo-doo.