Thursday, May 13, 2021

Episode 338: Too Many White Guys

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Free digital safety kit.

Josh Duggar was a bad, bad boy.

You're in a Trump cult, call your dad.

Drag queen gets ordained.

Ernest Angely dies.

Cool oil lamp found in Israel.

Oldest African grave found.

Harriet Tubman's home found.

Cool designs for US money.

At least 95 Confederate statues have been removed since George Floyd was murdered.

New mission for Mars chopper.

SpaceX sticks the landing. 

3D printing wood. 

Treatment for blood clots caused by the J&J vaccine developed.

Where turtles like to play.

Idaho politician accused of rape.

Reporter fired for harassing rape victim.

TN lawmaker butthurt over gay country music singer.

House streams Galaxy Quest by mistake.

Don't Zoom and drive.