Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Episode 34 (Really 33): Man, Is Tucker Cranky or What?

Apparently, I've been listening to too much of Cognitive Dissonance, because like Tom, I screwed up the episode numbering.  This episode is really 33, but I labeled it 34 for some reason.  Anyway, I again want to thank everyone for expressing their sympathy over the loss of my uncle, it really means a lot to me.

Galen, Roman physician.

Is Joel Osteen using his church to milk money out of people?

Marc Driscoll caught rigging book sales.

Bill Donohue sympathizes with Charlie Hebdo killers.

Were the Charlie Hebdo cartoons actually blasphemous or not?

*fwap* *fwap* *fwap* Sounds of Sodomy pamphlet sends Ireland into hysterics.

Taylor Swift makes you gay!

Assholes declare that this place they've known about for years is where Jesus was tortured. Because reasons.

Archeologists find metal made famous by myth.

5,000 year old city found in Turkey.

Folks make guns on steps of Texas capitol.

Micro CNC machine known as the 'Ghost Gunner.'

DIY Civil War howitzer reproduction.

Fox News douchebag compares radical Islam to interracial dating.

In Putin's Russia, the transgendered can't drive! What a country!

Indiana bill is a license to discriminate.

Alabama town decides to be God's bitch.

Sex toys banned in Alabama. (If ever there was a state which needed them.)

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