Monday, April 27, 2015

Episode 46: ReasonCon Wrap Up!

Once again, I want to thank the guys from Unbuckling the Bible Belt podcast for making it possible for me to go to ReasonCon 2015.  Anybody who doesn't listen to their show is a douchebag.

This episode's just a wrap up of what all I saw and did at ReasonCon 2015.  It was an amazing time, and I got to meet a lot of really cool people.  Everyone who's an atheist should go to an atheist convention if they get the chance, you'll have one of the best times of your life.

Important links related to ReasonCon:

Recovering from Religion.  Sarah Morehead spoke about the work they do, and after she was done speaking, everyone was on their feet applauding with tears in their eyes.

Tracie Harris gave a very moving talk the next morning as well.

Beth Presswood gave a talk about what its like to come out in a small TN town.

David Smalley from DogmaDebate gave a talk about reasoning with religious people.

David Fitzgerald, author of 'Nailed' and other books, gave a rather hysterical talk about "WTF? things" found in the Bible.

I've had to temporarily remove the video of Jenni  and April  confronting a pair of street preachers preaching in front of the convention per request.

Photos I took at ReasonCon 2015.

Scenes from That Sandi Girl's hotel room the first night.

 That's Tom from Cognitive Dissonance.

 That Sandi Girl and Heath Enright from Scathing Atheist

 That Sandi Girl, Heath, and Joe Kindic from Unbuckling the Bible Belt.


 Noah, doing his best Billy Joel impersonation.

Zahra Baker Park

Zahra Baker's story.

Heretic Woman, from the Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast, and I attempted to record an episode of Bible Myths, but things didn't work out too well, I'm afraid.  It was something like 2 AM when we attempted it, and both of us were very tired (and more than a little tipsy).  I think that I can salvage some of the audio and get an episode of it out this week, but I won't know until I listen to it.

I want to thank Suzanne for her generous donation, and in lieu of donating to me, this week, I ask that if folks were planning on doing so, that they give to UNICEF's Nepal earthquake relief fund.  My Facebook feed has been filled with horrific stories from people who have friends and family in the area, and its really bad.  They need help desperately, I'll be uncomfortable without donations, but those folks might die, so give to them, if you can.

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