Sunday, August 9, 2015

Episode 0061: Christian Symbols

Okay, normally I say you don't need to listen to previous episodes, but since this chapter was started in this episode, which itself was a continuation of this episode, you might want to go back and listen to those episodes before listening to this one.

The Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast

GoFundMe campaign to help Beth from the Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast after her stroke.

Dead tree edition of Bible Myths

The first Mexican cross talked about by Doane:

Constantine's standard:

The AUM in a triangle symbol Doane mentioned:

The trefoil leaf:

The bael tree.

The leaf of the bael tree:

Leaves of three, let it be!

The "fish cross":

Yet another atheist blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh.

William Shakespeare liked to get high, it seems.

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