Sunday, July 10, 2016

Episode 108: Google's Dishwashing Killbot

This week, I'm joined by X from the Utah Outcasts Podcast.  He and I had a great time covering the news this week.  In fact, we had such a great time talking with one another, that I'm going to have to split this episode up into at least two, if not three, parts!

Topics we covered in this episode:

Ken Ham thanks atheists for all the publicity surrounding the opening of his white elephant.

Pope Frankie accepts the resignation of a bishop who protected pedophile priests.

Archbishop says Catholics can remarry, they just can't fuck.

$35 dollar computer beats Air Force pilot in a simulated dogfight.

Google introduces a dishwashing killbot.

A new method of producing cheap hydrogen developed.

Accenture's proposal to get the US on a hydrogen based economy.

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