Sunday, January 8, 2017

Episode 0133: Judith Gives Head

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I need to give a big shout out to Chris from Trager Tattoos  for the new and improved album art for the podcast.

In this episode, I'm once again joined by Dustin and Lauren from the Atheist Nomads podcast and the Sci-Fi Nomads podcast.  And we manage to finish off the book of Judith this week.  I forgot to mention in the episode that it's thanks to Dustin's backup recording that you're able to hear the episode.  My software futzed up and if it wasn't for his copy, we would have had to re-record.  I also forgot to mention during the episode that it turns out I won't be on an episode of the TDTF Podcast due to a similar error.  It seems Johnathan's software wasn't properly configured and he only caught his side of the conversation.  Still, he does a good show (most weeks  ;) ), so you should probably check it out.

I also need to thank two listeners who both made very generous donations to the podcast:  T.N. and Xemu X. Xenu, Jr.  Their support helps out a considerable amount.

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