Tuesday, April 30, 2019

246 Aliens and Nut Jobs and Priests, Oh My!

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Episode of "Atheist Talk" where I was a guest.

Theater shows "Heckboy" movie

NY church makes a token offering of abusive priests names.

New Egyptian tomb discovered.

Dart in eye starts war in 17th century Alaska

300K+ artifacts from ancient Greece unearthed

Picture of one of the gold wreaths can be seen here

Pulsars emit gamma rays

Why did SpaceX's Dragon capsule catch fire during testing?

The universe is expanding faster than expected.

The universe is also younger than we thought.

Pair of galaxies have no dark matter.

Plans to 3D human tissue on the ISS are underway.

Faster method 3D printing tissue developed.

3D printed plastic spines aid in training doctors.

New compound may slow the growth of lung cancer.

The fundamental constants of the universe might have a lot more variability than thought.

Socialists win big in Spain with Green New Deal platform.

Republicans freaked by AOC accepting their offer to talk with coal miners.

Roger Stone associate loses in court.

Roger Stone to appear at a strip club.

Oliver North out at the NRA.

It Could Happen Here Podcast.

Treasury secretary Mnuchin sued by Sears for theft.

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