Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Episode 260 and Bonus Episode Show Notes

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Mormons ban weapons on church property.

Are Impossible Whoppers kosher?

New Jesus mural found.

Town mentioned in relation to the Ark of the Covenant found.

The city of Troy is older than previously thought.

Human ancestor skull is older than other examples of the species.

All comets might have come from the same place.

Another interstellar object is headed our way.

Giant space "structures" discovered.

Giant planet has a bizarre orbit.

3D printing metal in space.

3D printing bone implants with salts.

3D printing miniature human hearts.

3D printing with multi-material fiber.

Gene-edited cattle have an unexpected problem.

Scientists can "grow" tooth enamel.

Adding graphene to cloth defeats mosquitos.

Scientists discover photo-voltaic nanotubes.

Replacing dams with solar power.

Rockland GOP to re-air anti-semitic attack ad.

Saudi Arabia shuts down half its oil production due to drone strike.

Sen. Lindsay Graham says we should attack Iran.

Kiwi who tried to build a DIY cruise missile.

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