Monday, February 9, 2015

Episode 0037: I Thought We Were Living in the Future

Depak Chopra and Tony Robbins say happy thoughts can prevent AIDS.

Iceland building temple to Norse gods.

Utah family commits suicide over worries about coming apocalypse.

Fox host claims no one ever killed people in the name of Christianity.

Christians and Muslims both guilty of genocide in the Central African Republic.

Ken Ham butthurt over cruise line ad which quotes JFK speech.

Our oceanic origins according to the Bible.

Ken Ham sues KY for denying him tax breaks because he's a douchebag.

'Filthy' socialist Dutch man builds his ark for less money, with no tax payer dollars.

Humans and Neanderthals hangin' in the Holy Land.

Newly found 'Gospel of the Lots of Mary' published.

Ancient fossil could be new species of ancient human.

Utah law maker asks, "Is it rape if she's unconscious?"

South Carolina law maker to judges, "What's your relationship with Gawd?"

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

Paranoia blocks Medicaid expansion in TN.

London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, equates porn watching to terrorism.

Vermonters upset over 8th graders proposal for the state to have a Latin motto.

Rand Paul and Chris Christie downplay the need for vaccinations.

Free marketer who disputes Wall St. report that income inequality is a hazard to our economy.

Libertarians who're opposed to mandatory vaccinations.

21 African countries have higher measles vaccination rates than the US.

BBC's The Now Show

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