Monday, February 23, 2015

Episode 0039: Here Comes the Robot Jebus!

Okay, so this is going up a little later than I'd hoped.  Forgive me, but insomnia's got its grip on me.

You can listen/download the episode here.

Quranify Me podcast.

A breakdown of the budgets of some secular/atheist organizations.

Building homes in Pakistan

More than half of Africa's land unusable for food production.

Catholic school asks elementary school kids if they've had an abortion.

Ax wielding hair dresser burns down porn shop.

GoFundMe page for porn shop.

Neil deGrasse-Tyson wins "Censor of the Year" award from Discovery Institute idiots.

Illinois imam charged with sexually abusing women.

Let's convert robots to Jebus!

Rise of the Machines: South Korean woman attacked by robot vacuum cleaner.

Origin of Indo-European languages traced to Russia.

Tower of Babel.

Ancient Egyptians got paid sick leave and on-site medical care.

Israeli penis worshipping cult sites discovered.

Dark Matter may have killed the dinos.

Research paper which attempts to prove this.

Star which passed close to the sun 70K years ago.

Mt. Toba event no longer thought to have been responsible for drastic decline in human population.

NASA working on a mission to Europa.

3D printing robot which uses concrete in development.

Singapore University 3D prints cars.

Ken Ham's connection to a racist organization.

More details on Ken and the bigots.

Alabama supreme court chief justice Roy Moore's connection to those same bigots.

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